Scuba diving is a mode of underwater diving where the diver uses a tank of compressed oxygen to breathe underwater. It allows him to stay for long periods of time under the sea and explore as much as he wants (before the oxygen runs out!). This is a common practice used by professionals or people that just want to experience the life of an underwater creature. A scuba diver uses fins attached to the feet (or a mermaid tail in some cases) to move underwater and truly experience life under the ocean. To prepare yourself for the suba diving experience you must first get instructed for the different types of certifications that are available. The common type of preparation for scuba diving has the following steps:

  • Preparing and dressing in the diving suit
  • Entries and exits between the water and the shore or boat.
  • Breathing from the demand valve (that’s where the oxygen comes from).
  • Clearing water from the mask.
  • Finning techniques, underwater mobility and manoeuvering.
  • Making safe and controlled descents and ascents.
  • Among others!

As we were said earlier, there are many type of certification for divers such as cave diving, commercial diving, recreational diving, technical diving and freediving. There are also scientific diving and rescue diving which require a lot of training and preparation for understanding the risks that there are to the job.

We invite you to come on down to Cozumel and dive in our crystal clear waters and our magnificent wildlife that lies beyond the shore.

Scuba Diving? Cozumel!