Batallion 201, Cozumel’s Finest

Cozumel is known for amazing sights, the beautiful jungle and the great people that live on the island. But what people don’t know is that is home of the 201st Batallion of the Expeditionary Air Force of Mexico. The 201st Batallion served great purpose on World War II when it flew along side the 58th Operations Group of the 5th Air Force of the United States Of America. Provocation was made by the German army when they took down five oil tankers from May 13th to September 4th, 1942when mexican president, Manuel Ávila Camacho, decided to declare war on the Axis forces on May 28th of 1942. That is when the 201st Batallion came to life and fought along side the U.S. army on the liberation of the island Luzon on the Philippines. The 201st Batallion had 96 combat missions and provided great help in the final portion of WWII. We invite you to visit the 201st Batallion and Dune Buggy Adventour on Cozumel Island!

Fishing Tournaments in Cozumel

At Dune Buggy Adventours we take you on a tour through the beautiful jungle of the island forr you to see amazing sights as the astounding caribbean sea, but there are also other ways to experience the ocean. On Cozumel we have three major fishing tournaments the “Torneo Rodeo de Lanchas Mexicanas” which is held from May 10 through May 12, the “Torneo Bernardo Alonso” which is held in the first weekend of June and the “Torneo Antonio Fernandez Gonzalez” which is held on the 3rd weekend of November. These tournaments are “Catch and Release” which means once you’ve caught a fish you must unhook it, make a fast measurement and weighing of the fish and release it back to the water. All of the contests have various top species that are worth more points such as the Blue Marlin, the White Marlin and the Sailfish. We invite you to come over to Cozumel during any fishing tournament and visit us at Dune Buggy Adventour.

Volkswagen Puebla and it’s importance to Mexico

When making our buggys at Dune Buggy Adventour, we look for the best, that is why our buggys are built with a 1600 VW engine. But when did Volkswagen first arrive to our mexican country? First estabilshed in 1964 near the city of Puebla, the first Volkswagen plant was built and with it 14,000 employees obtained a job and since then has become the second largest Volkswagen plant in the world outside of Germany. The plant in Puebla is of great importance to the Volkswagen group since 80% of the cars produced are shipped to 120 countries around the world and it’s also important to Mexico because this has made the Volkswagen brand has became the third most selling brand in Mexico, contributing 16.6% in the mexican market. We strongly believe in Volkswagen and it’s importance to our conuntry and to our buggys, so come over to Cozumel and try them for yourself at Dune Buggy Adventour.

Mexican Islands

Dune Buggy Adventours is located in Cozumel, a mexican island that is located 20 kilometers from Yucatan Peninsula. Cozumel is the third biggest mexican island, but what other islands are there in Mexico? There are 14,4 islands around the country which are inhabited by 618,930 persons. The main islands are located near the Pacific Ocean and the California Gulf. The three most populated islands are Isla del Carmen from Campeche, Cozumel island and Isla Mujeres from Quintana Roo. These are also the most important ones regarding their economic income, due to their turism flow and revenue. We invite you to discover Cozumel island with us at Dune Buggy Adventour.

Archaeological Sites in Quintana Roo

At Dune Buggy Adventour we make our way to San Gervasio Park and to El Catillo Real, both widely known archaeological sites in Cozumel, but what other sites are there in Quintana Roo? First off we have Tulum’s Archaeological Site which is located just 60 km from Playa del Carmen. The ruins of Zamá (which means dawn when translated from Mayan) were built with a view right to the Caribbean and the amazing Castle, which served as a type of lighthouse for boats with different type of products for the Mayan society. Next up we have Cobá which is a site that is located 100 km from Playa del Carmen and 40 from Tulum. This was the greatest trading city in ancient Mayan culture and it’s filled with mayan structures. You can also put on a swimsuit and dive inside a cenote for a quick swim. Finally we have Xcaret, which is also a theme park that is located 9 km from downtown Playa del Carmen. It was one of the most important merchant docks in the Mayan culture due to it’s great location in front of Cozumel island. We invite you to take a tour to our own mayan archaeological sites with us at Dune Buggy Adventour.

Best All-Terrain Wheels

Whenever you go riding on an off road trail you want to have wheels you can rely on. The wheels you choose are the most important of the journey so that you have a fun experience and you ddon’t put yourself in any danger. Here we are going to give you a top 3 all-terrain wheels that we consider are the best in the market. First off we have the Dick Cepek All-Terrain Tire, it has a unique tread design that keeps the tires reliable therefore keeping you safe. The rubber that is used on these tires are 7% thicker which makes it perfect for heavy trucks or vehicles. The next tires we are going to talk about are the Hankook DynaPro ATM tires, it has a wraparound tread that is deep and wide enough to keep unwanted stuff off the tires. You can ride these tires to 190 Km/h and they are perfect for light trucks and SUV’s. The number one spot on out list goes out to BFGoodrich All Terrain Radial Tire. These are made from an extra tough rubber that give you control over extreme terrains and the rim on the tires is embedded with premium tread patterns to keep dust, water and mud from accumulating at the ridges. We leave it up to you to choose the best option for your next all-terrain adventure!

Watching out for Mexico’s Protected Natural Areas

Global warming is an issue that involves all of mankind. At Dune Buggy Adventour we believe that watching over our planet is the way for us to move forward to create a better tomorrow. Mexico’s biodiversity is one of the world’s largest and must be taken care of as we are host of over a 47,000 species of plants and animals. This is why we take extreme care of our protected natural areas. One of them is the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve, that  is part of the World Heritage Center of the UNESCO. Home of the monarch butterfly, this natural reserve watches as millions of butterflies fly from North America to the north-west forest of Mexico City. There they stay until spring when they make an 8 month migration to Canada where 3 or 4 successful generations are born. Another one of the most important natural reserves is the Loreto Bay National Park in Baja California Sur. This natural area is home to 30 different sea mammals species that make up 75% of the whole sea mammal population of Mexico. Down in Cozumel we have the Arrecifes de Cozumel National Park which is part of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System that is the 2nd largest coral reef system in the world. This is home to the endangerd species including the sea turtles. We invite you to visit these Natural Areas to see for yourself the importance of them for our planet.

4×4 vehicles and why you should own one

Here at Dune Buggy Adventours we build our buggys for them to be the most reliable and functional of among the competition. That’s why we build them with a four wheel drive (or 4X4).  This refers to a two-axled vehicle drivetrain capable of providing torque to all of its wheels simultaneously. These vehicles were first introduced in 1899, the first one was called the Lohner-Porsche, a hybrid car that used an electric motor at each wheel, powered by batteries, which were in turn charged by a gasoline-engine generator. This first model has been put up to a lot of changes through the years. Nowadays almost all new vehicles have the AWD system which refers to a system that applies torque to all four wheels (permanently or on demand) and/or is targeted at improving on-road traction and performance (particularly in inclement conditions), rather than for off-road applications. This type of system helps you with better control on your car and it can get you and your car through some tough situations. We invite you to experience our own 4×4 system in Dune Buggy Adventour.

Best Off-Road Trails in the World!

At Dune Buggy Adventours we go on an off-road trail to visit some of the most amazing hidden and beautiful places in the island. But where should your next amazing off-road experience be? Here we narrow down your search to some excellent off-road locations around the world. First off we have Morocco in North Africa. There you can ride a dune buggy through the Sahara desert, the largest hot desert in the world. Next up  we have California’s Rubicon Trail which you can make your way on a Jeep through Sierra Nevada mountain range, for sights you will remember. Following our list we recommend Transylvania, which is known to be where Dracula lived is also known to be home of the Transfagarasan Road, has been called “one of the craziest mountain roads in the world”.  We can’t wait for you to try for yourself the off-road experience at Dune Buggy Adventour.

Jeep and Off-Road

The history of the jeep starts in 1941 when the U.S. army asked for a four traction, fast, light and durable vehicle that could withstand difficult missions in Africa and the Europe. That is when American Bantam Car Company and Willys-Overland car companies started producing prototypes for the army. More than 600,000 Jeeps were fabricated during WWII and since then the original vehicle has been improved. The most famous Jeep, the Wrangler, was first introduced in 1987 with the 6 cilinder AMC PowerTech I6 242 engine. The Jeep was built for off-road as it was first designed to provide transportation to the U.S. Army and it has not let down since then. The Jeep now is a well-known car that has different uses , from rock-climbing to everyday use. The versatility of this vehicle inspires us to make our buggys as useful as a Jeep, for you to have an amazing time at Dune Buggy Adventour.