Batallion 201, Cozumel’s Finest

Cozumel is known for amazing sights, the beautiful jungle and the great people that live on the island. But what people don’t know is that is home of the 201st Batallion of the Expeditionary Air Force of Mexico. The 201st

Fishing Tournaments in Cozumel

At Dune Buggy Adventours we take you on a tour through the beautiful jungle of the island forr you to see amazing sights as the astounding caribbean sea, but there are also other ways to experience the ocean. On Cozumel

Mexican Islands

Dune Buggy Adventours is located in Cozumel, a mexican island that is located 20 kilometers from Yucatan Peninsula. Cozumel is the third biggest mexican island, but what other islands are there in Mexico? There are 14,4 islands around the country

Archaeological Sites in Quintana Roo

At Dune Buggy Adventour we make our way to San Gervasio Park and to El Catillo Real, both widely known archaeological sites in Cozumel, but what other sites are there in Quintana Roo? First off we have Tulum’s Archaeological Site

Best All-Terrain Wheels

Whenever you go riding on an off road trail you want to have wheels you can rely on. The wheels you choose are the most important of the journey so that you have a fun experience and you ddon’t put

Best Off-Road Trails in the World!

At Dune Buggy Adventours we go on an off-road trail to visit some of the most amazing hidden and beautiful places in the island. But where should your next amazing off-road experience be? Here we narrow down your search to

Jeep and Off-Road

The history of the jeep starts in 1941 when the U.S. army asked for a four traction, fast, light and durable vehicle that could withstand difficult missions in Africa and the Europe. That is when American Bantam Car Company and