Buggy fun!

At Dune Buggy Adventour we offer an extreme type of fun! It’s up to you to meet our Rail Dune Buggys and ride them for the experience of a lifetime. First off, these buggys are built tough! A bright red rail body with all-terrain wheels with a 1600 Volkswagen engine that roars like a beast. Then get ready to go off-road! Drive through the jungle for an amazing and relaxing time at Punta Sur park lighthouse, museum and ecological reserve or yo can drive through open road to the famous San Gervasio park for a special look at the mayan ruins in the island. This is a family experience that no one can miss out on, make your reservations now and get ready for the adventour!

Snorkel at Playa Uvas!

Snorkel is a practice of swimming on the ocean with a diving mask, a shaped breathing tube called a snorkel, and usually swimfins. It is usually a calm practice and it is not as rigorous as scuba diving. At Playa Uvas we offer a snorkel tour which allows you to see some of the wild life that lives in our coral reef. While this is a fun activity, snorkeling has also served for some scientific purposes, as underwater photography grew popular, science programs have given the opportunity to biodiversity-interested snorkelers, in order for them to turn their observations into sound scientific data, available for research.

Visit Playa Uvas for an opportunity to experience snorkeling and a chance to meet the wild life that lives at the coral reef.

What to eat when in Cozumel?

Cozumel is a place full of traditions. From the annual parade to the great coral reef that divers all across the worl love, but one of Cozumel’s grateast attraction is the excelent gastronomy. Cozumel has so many types of traditional dishes like ceviche (it can be made from shrimp, fish, octopus and sea snail), tortas de cochinita (which is a sandwich made from bolillo and pork beef strips marinated in achiote and orange juice), relleno negro (made from turkey beef, pork beef and a mixture of different chiles) among others. Cozumel’s gastronomy is an expansion of Yucatan’s typical recipes but with the island’s touch. One of the main dishes that originated in the island is the lion fish. It was first found in the island back in 2009 and it had been a massive predator for species that were living in the coral reef. Since then the threat has been controlled and lion fish is a great meal, it han be served as a filet, as ceviche or even as a tempura.
We invite you to come on over to Cozumel and try our traditional dishes for yourself!

Why is the beach at Cozumel one of the greatest in the world?

Cozumel has great stuff on it. It has great locals that are welcoming and warm with tourists from all aorund the world, great food that makes you go crazy anytime, great places to relax and enjoy like Playa Uvas and great tours like Dune Buggy Adventure, but one thing that stands out from Cozumel is the beach. Why? It has the softest sand that you could ever feel. It has the clearest waters that you could ever see and it has one of the most amazing and diverse ecosystem that you could ever witness. We invite you to experience it for yourself with us at Cozumel Experiences, Playa Uvas and Dune Buggy Adventure!

Scuba Diving? Cozumel!

Scuba diving is a mode of underwater diving where the diver uses a tank of compressed oxygen to breathe underwater. It allows him to stay for long periods of time under the sea and explore as much as he wants (before the oxygen runs out!). This is a common practice used by professionals or people that just want to experience the life of an underwater creature. A scuba diver uses fins attached to the feet (or a mermaid tail in some cases) to move underwater and truly experience life under the ocean. To prepare yourself for the suba diving experience you must first get instructed for the different types of certifications that are available. The common type of preparation for scuba diving has the following steps:

  • Preparing and dressing in the diving suit
  • Entries and exits between the water and the shore or boat.
  • Breathing from the demand valve (that’s where the oxygen comes from).
  • Clearing water from the mask.
  • Finning techniques, underwater mobility and manoeuvering.
  • Making safe and controlled descents and ascents.
  • Among others!

As we were said earlier, there are many type of certification for divers such as cave diving, commercial diving, recreational diving, technical diving and freediving. There are also scientific diving and rescue diving which require a lot of training and preparation for understanding the risks that there are to the job.

We invite you to come on down to Cozumel and dive in our crystal clear waters and our magnificent wildlife that lies beyond the shore.