You’ve decided to come to Cozumel and have a really nice time and also party like no other time you have? Well we got some cool places you might want to look into! First of all we have the world famous Señor Frog’s.  It’s parties are like no other you’ve gone to. They have their well known “The Yard” which is a drink that is served in a bottle that is a yard in length and is made to drive people crazy! We also recommend Muellecito which is a restaurant bar right in “El Malecon” in front of La Mega retail store. It is quite a tiny place but it’s lots of fun and has a lot of really nice drinks. Last but not least we have the famous Tiki Tok, which is also a restaurant bar but with live music, you can listen to rock and roll classic covers or also modern tracks that will get you dancing.
Don’t trust us, you’ll have to experience it yourself!
Cozumel + Party = Fun!