Cozumel is known for amazing sights, the beautiful jungle and the great people that live on the island. But what people don’t know is that is home of the 201st Batallion of the Expeditionary Air Force of Mexico. The 201st Batallion served great purpose on World War II when it flew along side the 58th Operations Group of the 5th Air Force of the United States Of America. Provocation was made by the German army when they took down five oil tankers from May 13th to September 4th, 1942when mexican president, Manuel Ávila Camacho, decided to declare war on the Axis forces on May 28th of 1942. That is when the 201st Batallion came to life and fought along side the U.S. army on the liberation of the island Luzon on the Philippines. The 201st Batallion had 96 combat missions and provided great help in the final portion of WWII. We invite you to visit the 201st Batallion and Dune Buggy Adventour on Cozumel Island!

Batallion 201, Cozumel’s Finest