At Dune Buggy Adventours we take you on a tour through the beautiful jungle of the island forr you to see amazing sights as the astounding caribbean sea, but there are also other ways to experience the ocean. On Cozumel we have three major fishing tournaments the “Torneo Rodeo de Lanchas Mexicanas” which is held from May 10 through May 12, the “Torneo Bernardo Alonso” which is held in the first weekend of June and the “Torneo Antonio Fernandez Gonzalez” which is held on the 3rd weekend of November. These tournaments are “Catch and Release” which means once you’ve caught a fish you must unhook it, make a fast measurement and weighing of the fish and release it back to the water. All of the contests have various top species that are worth more points such as the Blue Marlin, the White Marlin and the Sailfish. We invite you to come over to Cozumel during any fishing tournament and visit us at Dune Buggy Adventour.

Fishing Tournaments in Cozumel